A Tuesday

Still fairly grumpy, today is Tuesday and my skin is surprisingly supple. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and I basked outside in the garden like a weird pink snake. shedding dead skin and absorbing delicious vitamin D. I was skeptical about the benefits, but I’m heading to Morocco for a week tomorrow, so I wanted to test if the sun would be nice to me or melt all my skin off like that bit in Terminator 2. It was nice to me.

There’s something about TSW that keeps me constantly on edge, I am grateful for every day that I wake up and can turn my head to talk to my fiance without turning my whole body like an invalid, for every time I go hours without feeling uncomfortable, for the days when my posture and my self esteem aren’t affected by my skin. I haven’t styled my hair for months because I don’t see the point, no one is looking at my hair with a face like this.

But yeah, today was good! Who knows if tomorrow will be, but I’m a completely different person each day, like being bi-polar. I wanted to end this self-indulgent post with a short list of stuff I’ve found helps me out in the bad days.

Socks. On your hands, at night. I didn’t know how bad it was at night but my fiance says I wake her up sometimes with the amount of noise coming from me scratching – putting socks on my hands just before I sleep helps me to not wake up with exciting new cuts and open sores.

Keeping my nails ridiculously short – itching is fine, I can deal with itching, but the soreness that comes from an open wound on a crease in my elbow, or the discomfort caused by red raw shoulders and chest sucks, so if I keep my nails super short it helps keep the effects of scratching down.


Wearing softer material – I have this one Sepultura band shirt made from ‘combed cotton’ thats too big for me and been washed a heap of times until its become really soft – the boost I get from finding it clean in my drawer at the start of a day is so good. I’ve cried sometimes at the fact that, as a fully grown male human, I can’t even wear a T-shirt normally. What kind of man am I.

Realising why I itch. I watched some videos (at the recommendation of ITSAN) of some doctors talking about the lymph system and how it works. and speculating that the reason I itch is because my skin is asking to be stimulated to help the development of oils and get the bad out of me – realising this has helped me to conciously ‘tickle’ rather than rake at my skin.

Drink water. A lot of water.

Eat like a cave man – seriously. I figured my body is having a hard enough time fighting the withdrawals, the last thing I should do is give it other things to filter out of me – so (as a vegan) I already don’t eat meat, fish, dairy etc – but during a flare up I also stop eating wheat and sugar and basically live off raw vegetables – our bodies haven’t had enough time to evolve to tolerate sugar and wheat and gluten, but have been fueled by vegetables for millions of years. Give it a go, it’s hard but good.



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